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Sales Support System implemenation in HBH Capital Group

In May 2012 we completed the implementation of Sales Support System, built on PBC.ERP Integration Platform, used to exchange information on offers received from suppliers between distributed branch offices of the HBH Capital Group (which consists of BIMs Plus Sp. z o. o., Hydrosolar Sp. z o. o. and HTI BP Sp. z o. o.).

A full description of the project and functionality of Sales Support System is available in the Projects section.

Integrated Management System - demo access

Integrated Management System ERP - demo

In response to widespread interest in the "Integrated Management System" which was presented during the seminar "Effective management - a modern tool" on 19 April in Foundry Institute in Cracow, we provide an access for the demo of system.

We would like to bring you closer the idea of effective management by encouraging you to test the system functions in practical use and ask any questions that will be pleased to answer.

We also encourage you to submit to the individual presentation of our solutions at your premises. Several institutions have already used this form to obtain additional detailed information and answers about the system, implementation process, and significant organizational issues related to the broadly understood management.

Detailed information regarding access to the demo system are provided below.


Integrated Management System ERP - demo

login: demo

password: test

Note: The application server has been authenticated with locally generated certificate to ensure secure connection. After pasting the link into your browser, please accept the warning about "untrusted connection". The application is available 24 hours. The test user has received permission for the roles of the employee, the project manager and the unit manager, which gives the access to the following modules:

  • document workflow,
  • project management,
  • equipment management,
  • personnel management.

If necessary we can provide access to the additional modules (eg quality system, laboratories, certification unit) or special user functions (ceo, controlling, etc.).

All data presented in the application (in particular names, dates and amounts) is random.

If you have problems running applications or any questions please contact us.

Seminar on "Effective management - modern tools" - thanks

We would like to thank you for participating in a seminar on "Effective management - modern tools," which was held on 19 April at the Foundry Research Institute in Cracow.

Your strong participation and many detailed questions that we had the pleasure to answer during the seminar, strengthen our belief, that innovative tools for supporting the management are important and interesting matter to you.

To meet your expectations, we would like to express our willingness to organise more detailed presentations of our solution. We intend to organize a 'road show', during which we will visit all of you who are willing to take a closer look to the functions and processes of the system.

All interested in individual presentation, please contact us to set up an appointment and to identify particularly important issues that you would like to have addressed during the presentation.

We also hope that we will be able to propose some form of cooperation, that which will allow to raise additional funds for the development and implementation of this modern management system in your organization.

According to numerous requests, we also provide a presentation, which was the background for our seminar (download below).

Seminar on "Effective management - modern tools"

Integrated Management System ERP

We are pleased to invite you to a seminar organized jointly by us and Foundry Research Institute in Cracow. The subject of the seminar will be the use of modern ERP systems for effective enterprise management, along with a practical presentation. As an example of such a solution will serve the "eInstytut" - ERP class Integrated Management System, created and implemented by us at the Foundry Research Institute. Below the contents of an invitation by the Foundry Research Institute:

Ladies and Gentlemen

On behalf of the General Director of Foundry Research Institute, I would like to invite you to a seminar on "Effective management - modern tools". The seminar will be based on the presentation of a management system for the scientific research units, as implemented in our Institute.

Please find enclosed letter of General Director of Foundry Research Institute, Prof. Jerzy Sobczak DSc. PhD. Eng.

Seminar Date: 19 April 2012 (Thursday)

The seminar program:

10:30 - 10:50 Introduction

10:50 - 11:20 Session I

  • Basic information about the system
  • Document workflow

11:20 - 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30 - 12:15 Session II

  • Project Management
  • Human resources
  • Quality Management System

12:15 - 12:25 Coffee Break

12:25 - 12:55 Session III

  • Equipment Management
  • Specialized modules (research laboratories, product certification)

12:55 - 13:55 Discussion, individual presentations

Place of seminar:

Foundry Research Institute, ul. Zakopiańska 73, 30-418 Krakow, Lecture Hall: Technology Building, ground floor

Participation in the seminar is free.

I would like to send this invitation to employees who are responsible for the organization, management, quality systems, workflow, scheduling and project accounting, IT professionals as well as research laboratories and certification bodies in your units. For details please contact MSc. Anna Antosiewicz by phone: (12) 26 18 523. Please confirm your attendance (along with the number of participants and their functions) no later than 5th April 2012.

We hope for your strong participation in this seminar.


MSc. Anna Antosiewicz,

Head of Organizational Law, Foundry Research Institute in Cracow