Integrated Management System - demo access

Integrated Management System ERP - demo

In response to widespread interest in the "Integrated Management System" which was presented during the seminar "Effective management - a modern tool" on 19 April in Foundry Institute in Cracow, we provide an access for the demo of system.

We would like to bring you closer the idea of effective management by encouraging you to test the system functions in practical use and ask any questions that will be pleased to answer.

We also encourage you to submit to the individual presentation of our solutions at your premises. Several institutions have already used this form to obtain additional detailed information and answers about the system, implementation process, and significant organizational issues related to the broadly understood management.

Detailed information regarding access to the demo system are provided below.


Integrated Management System ERP - demo

login: demo

password: test

Note: The application server has been authenticated with locally generated certificate to ensure secure connection. After pasting the link into your browser, please accept the warning about "untrusted connection". The application is available 24 hours. The test user has received permission for the roles of the employee, the project manager and the unit manager, which gives the access to the following modules:

  • document workflow,
  • project management,
  • equipment management,
  • personnel management.

If necessary we can provide access to the additional modules (eg quality system, laboratories, certification unit) or special user functions (ceo, controlling, etc.).

All data presented in the application (in particular names, dates and amounts) is random.

If you have problems running applications or any questions please contact us.