April 2012

Seminar on "Effective management - modern tools" - thanks

We would like to thank you for participating in a seminar on "Effective management - modern tools," which was held on 19 April at the Foundry Research Institute in Cracow.

Your strong participation and many detailed questions that we had the pleasure to answer during the seminar, strengthen our belief, that innovative tools for supporting the management are important and interesting matter to you.

To meet your expectations, we would like to express our willingness to organise more detailed presentations of our solution. We intend to organize a 'road show', during which we will visit all of you who are willing to take a closer look to the functions and processes of the system.

All interested in individual presentation, please contact us to set up an appointment and to identify particularly important issues that you would like to have addressed during the presentation.

We also hope that we will be able to propose some form of cooperation, that which will allow to raise additional funds for the development and implementation of this modern management system in your organization.

According to numerous requests, we also provide a presentation, which was the background for our seminar (download below).