ERP class Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System "eInstytut" is a multi-module ERP class system designed to manage research institute, developed for Foundry Research Institute in Cracow.

ERP class Integrated Management System was designed as a customized application, tailored to the specific needs of research institutes, with architecture open for further modification and expansion.

ERP class Integrated Management System

Work on the project "Integrated ERP software supporting the management of Foundry Research Institute" began in August 2009. From the start of the project a team of professionals designated by Foundry Research Institute has been cooperating with our company to work the concepts of operations for all modules. This team has also been responsible for implementation of necessary organizational changes at the Institute. The main goal was to create modern software, which would replace all obsolete applications and manage all business processes at the Institute. The system also had to be integrated with the software for human resources and accounting “Sage Symfonia”.

At the end of the first stage of the implementation of the system in August 2010, it consisted of the following basic modules:

  • workflow,
  • project management,
  • reports module,
  • work time registration,
  • equipment and resource management,
  • CRM,
  • administrative modules,

ERP class Integrated Management System - work efficiency report

The next stage of upgrade was completed in January of 2012 offering new features:

  • support for Accredited Research Laboratories,
  • support for Certification and Standardization Office,
  • Document Management as a part of the Quality Management System.

Key features of the ERP class Integrated Management System are:

  • handling all the specific business processes of the company,
  • compliance with procedures to achieve streamlined workflow and communication between employees, teams, sites,
  • real-time control of the project finances,
  • storing information in one common database,
  • ability to identify information and creating relations between documents,
  • ability to search for information based on specified criteria,
  • security (both secure transmission over the network and backup),
  • open architecture for development and extensions,
  • configurable basic system parameters,
  • friendly user interface,
  • simultaneous work of many users.

    ERP class Integrated Management System - workhours report