Customer Service system for ISP and Cable TV operator

Customer Service system for ISP and Cable TV operator provides subscribers, locations and services management, as well as service tickets workflow. This solution, built on PBC.ERP Integration Platform, also communicates with external network management devices (such as DHCP server).

The system has been implemented in Internet Service Provider and Cable Operator Teskom in September 2011.

PBC.ERP Customer Service system for ISP and Cable TV operator - active agreements


The need for the system

Teskom Company provides Internet services and cable television in Tarnobrzeg and surrounding areas, keeping thousands active subscriber services. To manage the subscriber, location and services database, the company used custom application written in DOS technology. With the development of the company - the increasing number of subscribers, new services - emerged a need to manage the company with modern ERP system.

Limitations of the "old" DOS application:

  • lack of possibility to develop and adapt the application to the expanding offer,
  • poor reporting capabilities and data analysis,
  • lack of multi-user networking,
  • low level of security,
  • declining performance with data grow.

PBC.ERP Platform - PBConsult's solution

PBC.ERP Customer Service system for ISP and Cable TV operator - work schedule

In response to the problems outlined above, our company has proposed a solution based on PBC.ERP Integration Platform. The basic features of the solution are:

  • system that offers extensive configuration options: the ability to define new types of services and build offer packages (among others. determination of the area and time of availability), the ability to define new types of resources together with the attributes (for example, ONT Modem with attributes type, MAC and Serial), numerous dictionaries,
  • comprehensive analytical reports with the ability to export data to most popular formats (XLS, CSV and PDF),
  • service tickets workflow,
  • automation of operations,
  • modern user interface, providing the convent and fast access to critical information via contextual windows (without having to go to a separate screen),
  • the ability to integrate with external network management services (e.g . automatic configuration file export to the DHCP server after the completion of service activation request),
  • resource management (e.g. for IP Addresses, modems or other equipment),
  • client-server architecture that allows access through a network and for mobile devices,
  • high level of security by encrypting the transmitted data, user authentication mechanisms and the use of modern, secure database.

Solution specification

PBC.ERP Customer Service system for ISP and Cable TV operator - service tickets

  • robust CRM module "Customer Service",
  • service tickets workflow,
  • resources storage management (eg, IP addresses, modems),
  • reports,
  • advanced configuration options for services packages,
  • rich configuration options based on dictionaries (among others. dictionary of cities, streets, operators, materials),
  • integration with external network management systems,
  • integration with an external DHCP (the ability to automatically generate a configuration file),
  • data structure optimized for instant access to information,
  • scalable system architecture, opened for further expansion and development of new modules (e.g. workflow),
  • web application, made ​​with ASP.NET MVC 3, Microsoft SQL database, client access via a web browser.