Internet Platform for consulting company

Internet Platform for document exchange and customer relationship management, designed for consulting company Ekoconsultant is used in project "Your business, our support - consulting for Small and Medium Enterprises".

Implementation of the software was completed in April 2011.

Internet Platform - meeting details

The platform supports the project in terms of:

  • recruitment,
  • accounting,
  • reporting.

Platform provides direct registration of customers and allows to propose time, place and subject of meeting. The consulting company completes additional information related to the provided services for each client, such as agreements, scope of services, assignment of advisors to the meeting, planning meeting time, costs registration, and various types of documents - memos, reports, invoices or registration documents. Additionally reports module provides complex reports with printable versions based on predefined templates.

New events recorded on the platform generate e-mail alerts to specific users (administrative staff, consultants and customers). This way any interested person receives immediate information about taken actions, and through online access to the platform can quickly obtain detailed information and perform necessary operations.

The platform is integrated with financial-accounting software - Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft SharePoint Server. The integration includes:

  • sending data to accounting software like: registered customers, agreements, advisors, costs,
  • synchronizing data with accounting software like: customer status, customer projects, dictionaries,
  • converting invoices to PDF format by SharePoint Server.

The platform is available at

Internet Platform - company details