Sales Support System

Sales Support System is used to exchange information on offers received from suppliers, between distributed branch offices. This solution, built on PBC.ERP Integration Platform, has been implemented in the HBH Capital Group (which consists of BIMs Plus Sp. z o. o., Hydrosolar Sp. z o. o. and HTI BP Sp. z o. o.).

The implementation of the software was completed in June 2012.

PBC.ERP Sales Support System - offers table


The need for the system

The HBH Capital Group network of branches in Poland consists of dozens of offices, their offer includes tens of thousands of products supplied by hundreds of vendors. The corporation has a powerful ERP system, which among others, keeps data regarding the product catalog, as well as pricing information collected from the purchase invoices.

The existing solution has however some limitations:

  • existing ERP system is very complex (and thus complicated), therefore getting the necessary data is not easy,
  • existing ERP system keeps sensitive data, therefore only certain users can access it,
  • existing ERP system uses Windows Forms technology, and therefore is not available on mobile devices, that are used by their sales representatives,
  • existing ERP system stores data on prices collected only on the basis of already existing and posted transactions - since it is common that it can take up to several months from the time of the transaction to the time the invoice is actually entered into the system, the pricing data is often outdated.

As a result of these limitations, the individual company branches did not have access to the most up to date information about the prices, and there were situations, when the offer on the same products, supplied by the same supplier varied, depending on the branch of the company that prepared it.

PBC.ERP Sales Support System - new offer

PBC.ERP Platform - PBConsult's solution

In response to the problems outlined above, our company has proposed a solution based on PBC.ERP Integration Platform. The basic features of the solution are:

  • application is fully integrated with the existing ERP system - no need to maintain separate product catalog database,
  • web application, capable of being run on any device with Internet browser and network access,
  • because of the rich access configuration options, the system allows direct access of the persons concerned, that is, for example, sales representatives engaged in conversation at the customer office,
  • system allows direct offer data entry, processes it in real time and allows instant access to information about the latest and lowest offer for the product, including the full history of previous offers.

Solution specification

  • full integration with the existing ERP system's product catalog, maintaining the hierarchy of assortment and product groups,
  • offer data: the date, price, unit, quantity, discount, transport, manufacturer / supplier,
  • report presenting the latest offer and the lowest price,
  • data structure optimized for instant access to information,
  • scalable system architecture, opened for further expansion and development of new modules (e.g. workflow),
  • web application, made ​​with ASP.NET MVC 3, Microsoft SQL database, client access via a web browser.

PBC.ERP Sales Support System - product catalog