Worktime Planning System

Worktime Planning System allows worktime planning and registration. This solution, built on PBC.ERP Integration Platform, is integrated with human resources software "Sage Symfonia" and has been implemented in the hospital Niepubliczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej "Szpital w Puszczykowie im. prof. Stefana Tytusa Dąbrowskiego".

The implementation of the software was completed in April 2012. The new software has replaced the system that also has been created by our company (implemented in October 2010).

PBC.ERP Worktime Planning System - worktime calendar


The need for the system

NZOZ "NZOZ "Szpital w Pusczykowie" is a large medical facility. Management of worktime schedule for several hundred members of the medical staff is one of the most important organizational tasks in the hospital. Its completion without the use of modern tools were cumbersome and time-consuming process: setting up a monthly worktime schedule for such a large staff took about 2 weeks. The same amount of time was necessary to correct and migrate data into the HR system. The main problems with such process were::

  • large commitment of time and human resources,
  • numerous errors due to lack of access to current data and the need of double-typing the data,
  • lack of control over information,
  • lack of access to the up to date worktime calendar over departments.

PBC.ERP Platform - PBConsult's solution

In response to the problems outlined above, our company has proposed a solution based on PBC.ERP Integration Platform. The basic features of the solution are:

  • application fully integrated with the existing ERP system, providing the person setting up the schedule with instant access to the most current HR information,
  • through integration, worktime schedule data is saved directly to the human resources program, eliminating the necessity of typing the data manually,
  • interface optimized for fast data entry to the worktime calendar (work hours sliders, predefined patterns of working time),
  • application equipped with a number of validating functions and procedures, dramatically improving the quality of entered information,
  • web application, capable of being run on any device with access to the network,
  • printing functions of worktime cards and calendar directly from application.

PBC.ERP Worktime Planning System - working time input

Solution specification

  • convenient calendar and scrolling interface for efficient schedule creation,
  • report presenting the latest offer and the lowest price,
  • work time form allows the selection from one to three working hours ranges with simple sliders or using the pre-defined keys, with most frequently used working hours,
  • validation and verification of the data entered (eg compliance of normative and scheduled working hours, taking into account holidays and sick leaves, validation of entered time segments),
  • administrators (eg. HR department personnel) can lock / unlock entering information into work schedules and registering work time across departments,
  • data structure optimized for instant access to information,
  • scalable system architecture, opened for further expansion and development of new modules (e.g. workflow),
  • web application, made ​​with ASP.NET MVC 3, Microsoft SQL database, client access via a web browser.

PBC.ERP Worktime Planning System - month management