Report Module

Every modern enterprise software, operating on a large amount of data must be able to present them in a clear way. Most of the data are displayed in various tables, with a simple set of columns and rows. But it is not enough to meet the demands of ergonomics and efficiency.

ERP class Integrated Management System - work efficiency report

Reports Module, designed by our company, is flexible solution which:

  • gives the ability to define complex reports,
  • presents data in tabular form with the option of scrolling, filtering and sorting of results,
  • presents data in graphic form using any types of graphs.

Other very useful features are:

  • export data to CSV or XLSX (Microsoft Excel) files,
  • generating reports with printable versions based on predefined templates.

Reports Module is also a powerful data mining tool. The possibility of defining and modifying reports increase the effectiveness of data analysis, which in turn can translate into making better business decisions.

Reports Module is an integral part of each of our systems.

ERP class Integrated Management System - workhours report