Workflow is a versatile and powerful tool for process automation and enterprise information management. It lets user both create simple forms or model the most complex business processes. Among many features, our Workflow provides automatic calculations, data validation, integration (with other modules of PBC.ERP Integration Platform and external programs) and the ability to generate printable versions based on templates. This solution is fully customizable, flexible and open to expansion and modifications - it will suit any customer requirements.

Workflow has modular architecture and can be implemented as a part of a comprehensive ERP solution or a separate application.

Workflow - process steps configuration

Workflow allows:

  • creating even the most complex processes
  • modification of existing workflows,
  • process steps configuration (along with the transition conditions and validation functions)
  • simple user interface configuration (form layout)
  • configuration of data fields for: name, oder, type (text, number, drop-down list, multi-choice list), is required, terms of visibility and editability at every stage of the process, validation functions,
  • checking the conditions for the creation and termination of the process,
  • generate printable versions of the documents based on predefined templates
  • attach any number of attachments
  • send notification by SMS or e-mail;

Our ready to use process solutions include:

  • business trips
  • internal orders
  • document review
  • audits
  • agreements

Workflow has been implemented in the Foundry Research Institute as a part of the ERP class Integrated Management System .

Workflow - business trip form