Integration services

In today's world the most important thing in effective enterprise management is access to the most current data in every aspect of the business.

The above requirement can be fulfilled by investing in comprehensive solution - large ERP systems. However, not every company can afford to invest in such a powerful tool. Very often there are several programs, which cover different areas of business. Though this approach may seem to be more affordable, every day use of several parallel programs poses many problems, including increased handling time and increased risk of data corruption - which is associated primarily with manual transfer of data between programs.

The solution to this problem are integration services - specialized software running in the background, requiring no user action, which automatically process and transfers data between different systems, providing validation, error reporting and verification of data integrity.

Integration services may use different communication interfaces between applications, from communication at the database level to the exchange of XML and CSV files. Choosing the right solution is determined after analysis of the structure of the integrated programs, available documentation and requirements for the frequency and speed of data exchange.

Our integration solutions are implemented in many systems, including Internet Platform for consulting company, integration of document workflow and accounting system, ERP class Integrated Management System, Sales Support System and many others.