Human Resource Management

Experienced employee, who is properly trained and motivated, is one of the most important assets for the company. Proper management of human resources allows to create an atmosphere for good relations between employees, promotes individual development, and improve employee relationship with the company.

PBC.ERP Worktime Planning System - worktime calendar

Our Human Resource Management Module extends standard software for HR. Its features includes:

  • employment process,
  • worktime schedule,
  • timesheet,
  • holiday schedule and requests,
  • integration with other HR programs,
  • trainings plan,
  • employees evaluation.

HRM module effectively increases the efficiency of the HR department by automating HR processes and by enabling direct access by all employees in their HR data, such as number of days of holiday to use, term of next periodic medical examination, salary components, etc.

Employee through clearly defined by the HRM Module assessment criteria can be properly motivated to work, and training plan creates path for personal career development.

Zintegrowany System Zarządzania ERP - Zarządzanie zasobami ludzkimi

Managers in HRM Module have full access to current information about their employees. Therefore they can quickly and effectively make HR decisions. Work efficiency reports, provided by our software, are essential for every manager.

HRM Module is one of the most important elements of any ERP system. It has been implemented in the ERP class Integrated Management System and in Worktime Planning System.